Sunday, April 19, 2009

Every Major Search Engine, for your convenience

 has the updated Links!

Popular Search Engines:






Other Search-Engines: (Explore The Alternatives....Each site is Unique.)

(Unfortunately, this engine won't accept any naughy words).

Search Mirror is Definitely Worth a try !@

Different versions of Google:

(Google's Classic Interface)


ONLINE MAPS & Road Directions

Dictionary & Thesaurus

Weather Reports, Phone Books, Mathematics.

Sites which require Log-in:

(This is Our Main Blog).

Finally, you have an All-in-one access page to every major search engine.
Includes: google search, Yahoo search, (which I've always used as my mainpage...probably because it's so simple, the underrated "", Microsoft MSN Live Search (still ranked in the top 5), the professional webcrawler, One of MY favorites: dogpile search, plus the site that delivers the best FLV downloader tool:, Now, of course, Wikipedia should be considered a major search-engine, altavista has a nice interface, & are solid, open directory is strictly rated "G" and no porn accepted (Darn@!!) , Search mirror seems to be a top search-engine; even though I hadn't even heard of it until recently, Also, I wonder if everyone's aware that there's more to google than their basic search-engine. There's also google directory, google maps, google images, google video, and mozilla firefox also uses the google interface.

All the encyclopedia's should also be considered valid search engines. Actually, they're more effective. Such as Encyclopedia Britannica, Microsoft Encarta, Wiktionary,, and World Book Encyclopedia. Not to mention, the dictionaries, such as merriam Webster's Dictionary, the satirical Urban Dictionary, and the lesser-known Thesaurus reference.

Perhaps the most useful search engines provide driving directions. Mapquest is probably the best. and Yahoo maps aren't far behind. Rand/McNally provides the best paper maps, but their website needs to be refined.
Finally, the weather channel is also included. Plus the phonebook.
I'm sure, there are other Weather sites and AT@T yellow pages.
But, I haven't found them.

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